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Unformatted text preview: s=$11,100÷$18,500=60.00%  Casec: CM%=CM/Revenues 30%=CM/$10,600,CM=$3,180   CM=Revenues ­‑VariableCosts   $3,180=$10,600 ­‑VariableCosts,VariableCosts=$7,420   TotalCosts=VariableCosts+FixedCosts   TotalCosts=$7,420+$3,200=$10,620   OI=Revenues ­‑TotalCosts=$10,600 ­‑$10,620=($20)    Cased: TotalCosts=VariableCosts+FixedCosts   $8,170=VariableCosts+$2,500,VariableCosts=$5,670   OI=Revenues ­‑TotalCosts=$9,450 ­‑$8,170=$1,280   CM=Revenues ­‑VariableCosts=$9,450 ­‑$5,670=$3,780   CM%=CM/Revenues=$3,780÷$9,450=40.00% CM% 23.67% 60.00% 30.00% 40.00% 3 ­‑16(20min.) CVPanalysis,incometaxes.  1. Variablecostpercentageis$3.20÷$8.00=40%    LetR =Revenuesneededtoobtaintargetne...
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