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Ch.3 Short Essay

Ch.3 Short Essay - John Ackerman Jr Ch.3 Short Essay...

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John Ackerman Jr. Ch.3 Short Essay Questions Euro American style of music influenced the Postal Workers from Ghana just as much as traditional African culture did. The piece is roughly divided into two main parts: the stamping and the whistling. The melody of the whistles has many parts and I think an attempt to harmonize, but the tune that is being performed is clearly Euro American. This is obvious when compared with the other traditional African pieces. This tune follows what is clearly a major scale from western music. Without knowing that you can still make a clear distinction between it and the chants and drones that accompany traditional African music. The stamping beat could be taken from either culture because the drum beats from both are very similar at times; it’s just the percussive instruments that distinguish them. The traditional African culture is also largely apparent. The best way to describe its influence isn’t in the piece itself, though. It’s in the way the piece was performed and recorded. The song was not being performed for any type of audience. It was done purely to turn a boring task into smooth, flowing fun. It was recorded by an outsider who thought that it very interesting. The actual performers of the piece were confused by the interest. So, traditional African culture influenced this piece because it brought it
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