14 exemplo programa pascal program media2 uses crt

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Unformatted text preview: peração inválida'); writeln('operação end {case}; end ... 13 Exemplo programa PASCAL ... Var n1,n2,m : real; Begin clrscr; clrscr; writeln ('Digite nota 1: '); writeln readln (n1); readln writeln ('Digite nota 2: '); writeln readln (n2); readln m := (n1 + n2) / 2; := if m > 7 then if writeln ('Media = ', m:4:1, ‘Aprovado') writeln else else writeln ('Media = ', m:4:1, ‘Reprovado'); writeln readkey; readkey; end. 14 Exemplo programa PASCAL Program medi...
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