High ellipticity values are high less than 400 m from

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Unformatted text preview: High ellipticity values are high less than 400 m from a fault, whereas low values to undeformed molds are found more than 1000 m from a fault. These 427 observations indicate that greater strain occurs closer to faults, and therefore is not a strain pervasive to the entire stratigraphic column. Shattered pebbles and veins The conglomeratic unit atop of the Cretaceous sequence of the Piedras-Girardot foldbelt shows a conspicuous deformation fabric of intragranular calcite-filled microscopic veins perpendicular to bedding. The total area change accommodated by intraclastic veins with average intensity is only between 1 and 2 percent. The trends of these microscopic veins is mostly to the northwest, defining a direction of the maximum finite stretch of the finite strain ellipse to the northeast. Such stretch is approximately perpendicular to the direction of minimum finite stretch independently deduced from cleavage and deformed fossils. CONCLUSIONS The results above outlined, combined with a palinspastic reconstruction of the Piedras-Girardot foldbelt (Fig. 2...
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