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Neogene deformation took place only in the western

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Unformatted text preview: eogene deformation took place only in the western flank of this foldbelt. These results are applicable in a regional scale to the Magdalena Valley, since similar deformation timing has been observed further south (Amézquita & Montes, 1994). This structural style had not been previously identified or quantified in the northern Andes, and is probably related to the onset of oblique interaction between the northern Andes and the deformation front of the Caribbean plate (greater Antilles arc). Continued oblique convergence throughout the Paleogene records the eastwrd relative motion of the Caribbean plate with respect to the northern Andes. REFERENCES Amézquita F., and Montes, C., 1994, Sección geológica el Maco-Buenavista: estructura en el sector occidental del valle superior del Magdalena, in Etayo-Serna, ed., Estudios Geológicos del Valle Superior del Magdalena, Ecopetrol, VI-1, VI-36. Montes, C., 2001, Three dimensional structure and kinematics of the Piedras-Girardot foldbelt in the northern Andes of C...
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