False in this case there is no way the sparks

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Unformatted text preview: of the electronic components. © 2013 Alexander Ganago Last printed 9/10/13 9:48 PM Page 7 of 15 File: 2013+F+314+HW+1+solutions.docx EECS 314 Fall 2013 HW #1 Problem 1 Student’s name _______________________________ Discussion section # _______ TRUE FALSE NEI All answers are accepted if the reasoning makes sense. The gentleman is not charged. However, the same cannot be said of the electronic component. It is possible that it is at a different electric potential, causing sparks and damage, but we are not sure. Or it may be possible that there is no charge on the device at all. Part 2 (20 points) The following answers are just the suggested recommendations. Other recommendations may also be accepted if it is logically feasible & reasonable. Your recommendations Floor material Static dissipative material is pre...
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