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Unformatted text preview: ind any entries for your table of contents. In your document, select the words to include in the table of contents, and then on the Home tab, under © 2013 Alexander Ganago Last printed 9/10/13 9:48 PM Page 8 of 15 File: 2013+F+314+HW+1+solutions.docx EECS 314 Fall 2013 HW #1 Problem 1 Student’s name _______________________________ Discussion section # _______ Styles, click a heading style. Repeat for each heading that you want to include, and then insert the table of contents in your document. To manually create a table of contents, on the Document Elements tab, under Table of Contents, point to a style and then click the down arrow button. Click one of the styles under Manual Table of Contents, and then type the entries manually. Problem 3 (50 points): Electrical Safety; Ground- Fault Circuit...
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