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I 120v rtotal 120v 2950 407ma what are the

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Unformatted text preview: Problem 1 Student’s name _______________________________ Discussion section # _______ Situation 2 2- wire connection; the hot wire insulation is failing; sweaty hand and feet (same as immersed in water), skin of the hand and feet; damp leather soles (5 kΩ). The power outlet is equipped with GFCI, which kicks in at 7 mA. ü༏ What is the path of electric current through the human body? Initially, the same as situation 1, but as the GFCI kicks in, the majority of the current does not enter the human body. ü༏ What is the electric resistance for this current? Rwethand Rtotal = Rwethand + Rinternal + = 200Ω Rinternal (Rfootimmersed + Rdampsole) // (Rfootimmersed =200Ω + Rdampsole) Rfootimmersed = 200Ω + 200 Ω Rfootimmersed = 100Ω = 100Ω + (100 Ω +5000Ω)// (100 Ω +5000 Ω) Rdampsole Rdampsole = 200 Ω + 200 Ω + 2550 Ω = 2950 Ω = 5kΩ = 5kΩ (Same with Situation 1) ü༏ What is the magni...
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