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The ladys body is charged however we do not know if

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Unformatted text preview: ferable. Humidity in the room Humidity should not be low (maintain above 60%) Cover of the desktop Use static dissipative mat. Cotton is preferred. What fabric to wear Synthetic materials should be avoided if possible. Wear a wristband of dissipative material connected Use of wristbands to the ground via 1- MΩ resistor. Keep sensitive electronic components in dissipative Use of dissipative materials packages (foam, foil). Wear a wristband (see above) and use dissipative covers for the desk and floor. Things to avoid on desk top Plastic such as Styrofoam cups, magic tape, etc. (Optional answer but required action) Apply your learning and common sense: think Any other comments about where and how the static electric charges can accumulate, and how they can be dissipated; act accordingly. Word did not f...
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