The magnitude of the current through the body will be

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Unformatted text preview: tude of the current through the human body? The magnitude of the current through the body will be limited under 6mA since the GFCI automatically opens the circuit when the current difference between input and output is over 6mA. (IHB = IIN- IOUT) ü༏ What are the physiological effects of the electric shock on the human being? The physiological effect of the magnitude of the current is just a painful sensation according to table 1.4 from the Electrical Safety Handbook (since when the current goes beyond 6 – 8 mA, the main current path would be changed such that the current going through the body reduces to about 0 mA). © 2013 Alexander Ganago Last printed 9/10/13 9:48 PM Page 14 of 15 File: 2013+F+314+HW+1+solutions.docx EECS 314 Fall...
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