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Unformatted text preview: onductor of electric current due to the rich amount of ions inside it. Dry, healthy skin of hands ensures the high electric resistance and protects the human body against the harmful effects of external electric currents. ü༏ At what voltage levels the consequences for the human user may be different? © 2013 Alexander Ganago Last printed 9/10/13 9:48 PM Page 9 of 15 File: 2013+F+314+HW+1+solutions.docx EECS 314 Fall 2013 HW #1 Problem 1 Student’s name _______________________________ Discussion section # _______ ANS> The let- go threshold of the current for human body is 7mA, and the resistance of the dry hand touch to the object is 5 kΩ at minimum. Therefore, The voltage level is (7 mA) X (5 kΩ) = 35V if the skin is dry. © 2013 Alexander Ganago Last printed 9/10/13 9:48 PM Page 10 of 15 File: 2013+F+314...
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