Under dc steady state conditions the inductor acts as

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Unformatted text preview: C by a factor of 20; keep R unchanged E. More than one measure listed above is sufficient to get rid of oscillations. © 2013 Alexander Ganago Page 11 of 30 Last printed 2013- 12- 08 6:33 PM File: 2013 F 314 Ex 2 Pr+sol+instr.docx 2013 Fall EECS 314 Exam 2 Solution for Problem 6 [2011 W 314 pract ex2 p8s] To get rid of oscillations, ensure that α > ω 0 ; in a series RLC circuit it means R > 2L 1 C , or R > 2 . L LC Initially, ω 0 = 5 ⋅α , or R C C = 0.4 ; in other words, R should be increased by a L L factor of 5. Measure A is wrong, because it decreases R C . L Measure B is sufficient, because it increases R C by a factor of 20. L Measure C is not sufficient, because it increases R Measure D is ineffective, because it keeps R Answer: B. C only by a factor of 20 < 4.5 L C un...
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