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From your plot determine the rise time in s of each of

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Unformatted text preview: Instructor is not responsible for grading and entering scores for HW papers lacking clear information in the required fields above Problem 2 Types of filters (50 points = 5 for each filter) Before starting to solve this problem, read the following files: 1. “Big Picture - Types of filters” posted on CTools 2. Lab 6 pages 23- 28, 36- 38 in your Lab book Instructors in Discussion sections and office hours will assume that every student is already familiar with the materials listed above. The circuit shown on this diagram is similar to what you will solder in Lab 6. It is so versatile that I call it a “Swiss Army knife” circuit: depending on how you connect the input and output signals, and the common ground, it can act as Low- Pass, High- Pass, Band- Pass, and Band- Reject filters....
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