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2013+F+314+HW+6+all (1)

Lab 6 pages 23 28 pre lab 6 2 5 on page 30 2 lab 6

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Unformatted text preview: s of filters) ü༏ Determine each cutoff frequency from your MATLAB plot ü༏ Compare with your calculations in Part 1 of this problem, and ü༏ Write a brief conclusion on the agreement/disagreement of the cutoff frequencies found in Part 1 and those found from your MATLAB plot. Use your MATLAB plot to investigate the influence of component values on the amplitudes of output signals; write your results in the table on the next page: ü༏ Assume that the input signals are at 1 Vppk at all frequencies ü༏ Calculate and compare the amplitudes in mVppk of the output signals of two filters of the same type, at the same frequency (for example, the outputs of two HP filters at 200 kHz) ü༏ Provide numerical examples of distinction between the output signals of the s...
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