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Note the square wave period equals 1 ns 1000 ps the

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Unformatted text preview: s the amplitude of the fundamental equal, less than, or greater than the amplitude of the square wave? ü༏ If the amplitude of the fundamental is not equal to that of the square wave, how was this discrepancy corrected after you added harmonic components? ü༏ How can one determine, just looking at the plot of the fundamental and several harmonics, how many harmonics were added? © 2013 Alexander Ganago Last printed 2013- 10- 26 4:23 PM Page 2 of 3 File: 2013 F 314 HW 6 p1.docx EECS 314 Fall 2013 HW #6 Problem 1 Student’s name _______________________________ Discussion section # _______ Problem 1 Part 3 (40 points) Determine the Rise Time from the plots of the fundamental and the partial sums For the convenience of calculations in this part, redo the plot from the same file, zooming in around the rising edge so that ~ ½ of the period of the fundamental is shown. Refer t...
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