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Biological Sciences 54 Spring 2006 Problem Set 2 Answer key 1. 5 pts (2 pts for A, 3 pts for B) A) Protein X is excluded from rafts. Its signal recovers rapidly and almost completely. Protein Z is always located in rafts. Its signal recovery is much lower. Proteins X and Z have the same FRAP profiles under both conditions. Protein Y seems to localize to lipid rafts after the cells are treated with growth factor, going from rapid and complete recovery to having the same profile as protein Z. B) Protein X is not affected by the glycosylase. Protein Z seems to be linked to the exoplasmic face of the plasma membrane through some type of sugar (probably linked to a glycolipid, which are concentrated in lipid rafts). After glycosylase treatment, all protein Z was completely washed away. Protein Y no longer localizes to lipid rafts. Its conditional localization depended upon the presence of protein Z, some other protein or glycolipids themselves. 2. 4 pts. (1 pt. each part)
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