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BS54-Exam1-2005-Key - Biological Sciences 54 Exam 1 Stats...

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Biological Sciences 54 Exam 1 Stats and Re-grade information Spring 2005 Exam 1 Mean 74.2 Median 76 Std. Dev 12.9 High 96 Low 28 What to do if you missed the exam : See Cheryl Vaughan as soon as possible. Office hours are 11-1 on Friday or by appointment, SC416. Exam Re-grades: Addition errors do not require a re-grade. Please bring your exam to SC416 within the next two weeks for corrections of this kind. Remember that your entire exam will be re-graded. It is only worth going through this process if you believe there was a serious error in grading that caused you to loose 5 pts or more. Your TF must agree with your request and sign off on it, so consult with your TF first. All re-grade requests must be typed out, clearly stating which question is being disputed and why you think it was not graded correctly. You must sign it and your TF must sign it. Staple this to the front of your exam and drop if off Dr. Vaughan’s office. Due date: Wednesday, March 23, 2005, by 5 pm. Your request will not be accepted late nor will it be accepted if you failed to follow the guidelines clearly stated above.
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Exam 1 Answer Key 1. 10 pts. As an ABC-domain protein, Riv1 is a pump with at least one ATPase domain, and it follows that its pump activity requires ATP hydrolysis to function. In mitochondria, oxygen is a requirement for the F0F1 complex to function as an ATP synthase. Oxygen accepts the electrons from the electron transport chain, which is responsible for maintaining the proton gradient across the inner membrane. In the absence of oxygen, the proton gradient will diminish, causing ATP production to stop. The concentration of ATP in the matrix will decrease dramatically, which correlates with the decrease in Riv1 function under anaerobic conditions.
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BS54-Exam1-2005-Key - Biological Sciences 54 Exam 1 Stats...

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