4.1.2008 - Plants

4.1.2008 - Plants - Plants Eukaryotic Multicellular Display...

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Chracteristics: Function: Conductive cells Plants Eukaryotic Multicellular Display an alternation of generation (Alternating haploid + diploid generations) Heteromorphic Autotrophic – photosynthesis Display various Plants possess a sporophyte and a gametophyte generation The generation lifecycle o Diploid Sporophyte -Produce haploid by meiosis -Haploid spores grow mitotically + produce haploid gametophyte o Haploid Gametophyte Haploid body Produce gametes by mitosis Plant evolution General plant adaptions to life on land o Terrestial life has more challenges than H2O life. Drying out. (cuticle, cork layers and bark in woody trees). Gas Exchange . Organisms living in water-exchange CO2 and O2 gases through their surfaces. Exchange surfaces are omist and thin for diffusion. Response = make surfaces thicker, waterproof, which retard gas exchange. Need another method. *Stomata
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Support . Organisms living in water supported by the liquid. Once on land, organisms must deal with the less dense air, which could not support their weight = specialized plant cells that support the plant. Conduction. Single celled organisms only have to move materials in, out, and within their cells. Multicellular creatures must do this, plus move material in, out, and within the organism. Solution – a circulatory system- o Permanent Vascular Tissue: Elongated cells specialized for conduction transport materials throughout plant Reproduction. Organisms in water can release their gametes into the water, until they
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4.1.2008 - Plants - Plants Eukaryotic Multicellular Display...

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