In the drop off boxes located in the lobby of

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Unformatted text preview: will be considered. 4 Introduction When is my report due? Your TAs will tell you when to hand in your report. The due date will also be indicated on the instruction file posted on the web site. Reports must be handed in before 5:00PM on the due date. The BSC building is closed after 6:00PM as well as the whole weekend. Can I hand in my report after the due date? Yes, but no more than TWO days past the due date. A 10% penalty (out of the maximum mark) will be applied for the first 2 days. After that you will receive a zero for your assignment. Weekend counts as 2 days. Please contact your TAs if you need to make arrangements regarding the submission of your lab report (justification required prior to the due date). Where do I hand in my report? In the drop off boxes located in the lobby of Bioscience (see map on website): once in the hall, walk all the way toward the Husky courtyard and you’ll find the drop boxes on your right, behind the elevator shaft. Make sure you hand in your report in the box that corresponds to your section. If you attended your lab with another section (with permission only, see absence), drop off your work in the box that belongs to the section you had your lab with. It is your responsibility to place your report in the right drop‐off box. Late penalty may be applied if you hand in your report in the wrong box. Plagiarism: Read this before handing in your first report. Your report must be your own and not a copy of someone else's. Even though you may collaborate with other students and share common results, your lab report must be written individually. Plagiarism will be determined if two reports (or part of two reports) are identical, or correspond to the description of “what is unacceptable” in the uOttawa guide to plagiarism (see below). By report, we mean: any text, graph, drawing, table, caption or anything else included in the assignment (but the title page). In case of plagiarism, all students involved will receive a ZERO for their assignment and a non‐ formal warning will be issued by the lab coordinator. If plagiarism happens again, a formal report will be sent to the Faculty of Science. Plagiarism from books, friends' work, etc., is considered to be academic fraud and will be dealt wit...
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