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In the message itself write down your name and your

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Unformatted text preview: h severely. Make sure you read this document: http://www.sass.uottawa.ca/writing/kit/plagiarism.pdf and contact your TA or the lab coordinator if you have questions about plagiarism. How to get additional help: Read all documents available on the lab section of the lab web site: The answers to 90% of all questions asked are printed in the instruction documents provided for each lab, and/or the corresponding pre‐lab presentation 5 Introduction Contact your TA: Make sure you have all relevant information about your TA: Office hours time and location, email… If you can’t make it for your TA’s office hours, you can talk to any other TA teaching BIO1130 labs. In case of problems that cannot be solved by your TA, contact the lab coordinator (me) by email at [email protected] or drop by my office (BSC106). Regular office hours will be posted soon. Email etiquette: Always include the course code in the subject field. In the message itself, write down your name and your student number as a signature. Messages lacking a signature as well as rude messages will be ignored. Use your uOttawa account if possible to avoid technical difficulties. Teachers and TAs will use this email to contact you if necessary. Absence: Attendance to the laboratories is mandatory. You must attend at least 80% of the labs and hand in 80% of assignments otherwise you will get a zero for the lab component. In case of absence for a medical reason you must provide a medical note (give it to your TA or the lab coordinator). If you missed a lab for a non‐medical reason please contact the lab coordinator. All justification notes must be provided within 7 days past your absence (except in case of long lasting absences or a medical condition). Any unjus...
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