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Once you have descended to the main floor exit the

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Unformatted text preview: flames. Fire extinguishers located in each lab room beside the doors, may also be used for this purpose. 4. You hear the fire alarm. Do not panic. You should leave your lab, in an orderly manner to the primary fire exit for your room. The primary and secondary fire exits for labs on the 3rd floor of the Biosciences centre are indicated on the evacuation plan posted on the corridor wall and are as follows: Lab BSC 312 / 330 BSC 310/335/302 Primary Fire Exit Stairwell A Stairwell B Secondary Fire Exit Stairwell B Stairwell A If the primary exit is not available, proceed to the secondary fire exit. Once you have descended to the main floor, exit the building, moving about 30 meters away from the door and await further instructions. Please make sure you know exactly where emergency exits are located. 5. You accidentally spray some toxic liquid into your eyes. Notify your demonstrator, who will bring you to one of the two emergency eye wash stations located at the back of your lab room. Pull down on the water pipe and rinse your eyes in the two water fountains for at least fifteen minutes. An additional emergency eye wash station is found in the corridor. Thereafter, your demonstrator will take you to Health Services. Evaluation You will be evaluated based on: in‐class performance and/or at home questionnaires and/or lab reports. Instructions regarding the evaluation of each lab will be given by TAs during the lab session. This information will also be available on the lab website. Each of the 4 labs is worth 25% of BIO1130 laboratories final mark. There is NO lab exam for BIO1130. The lab component of BIO1130 is worth 20% of the course and will be added to the 80% of the lecture component. There is no pass or fail grade for the labs. Lab Reports You will receive specific instructions regarding lab reports during your lab sessions, and an instruction file will be posted on the web site for each lab. Each student must write their own, personal report (see plagiarism). Typical report includes a title page (see the example shown on the last page of this introduction). All pages should be stapled together and NOT inserted into a plastic cover. Graphs must be plotted on millimetre graph paper and written by hand. No computer‐generated graph...
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