Thereare4labsintotalforbio1130 lab1 is a field trip

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Unformatted text preview: Bleue trip: arrive at least 10 Friday: 1:00 to 3:50 PM minute earlier) Be on time, preferably 10 minutes early. Labs sessions commence with a brief lab talk that introduces the day's work, therefore it is necessary to be there on time. No one can stay inside the labs after 5:30 PM. If you need to talk to your TA after the lab session, please go to the lobby located next to staircase B. There are 4 labs in total for BIO1130. LAB1 is a field trip to Mer Bleue: Please arrive in Front of Lamoureux (LMX) hall at 2:20 PM Mon‐Thursday or 12:50 PM on Friday. Meet your TAs in front of your assigned bus. Laboratory Rules: Due to safety regulations and space limitations, no outerwear, briefcases, gym bags, etc. will be allowed in the labs. Cell phones and music players should not be used during the lab sessions nor kept on the benches. Lockers are available in the corridor outside the labs. Make sure you use a combination lock and never leave valuables in a locker if it is not locked. The 6 golden rules: 1. Lab coats* are mandatory and must be worn at all times in the laboratory. You will not be allowed to enter the lab rooms without your lab coat. 2. No cell phone or MP3 player should be used in the labs. 3. You cannot bring food nor drinks into the labs. 4. No rowdiness. We work with expensive and sometimes dangerous equipment, as well as poisonous substances. 5. Discussion is encouraged, but general noise is disruptive. 6. Cleanliness. You must keep your own equipment and notes in order. Clean up your equipment and your bench at the end of each lab. *Lab coats and safety glasses may be purchased in Marion (MRN) Hall, Room 308. Safety Instructions: What should you do if: 1. You break some glassware (beakers, pipettes, etc.) or a thermometer. Notify your demonstrator, who will place the broken glassware in the broken glass container. If a mercury thermometer is broken, a technician (trained in hazardous waste cleanup) will come and deal with the situation. 3 Introduction 2. You cut yourself or have any other medical problem. Notify your demonstrator, who will use the contents of a small First Aid Kit located in the designated drawer in each laboratory. A more complete First Aid Kit is available in BSC 331 and BSC 141. Emergency telephones at the front of each lab room are available for medical emergencies (dial 5411). 3. Your lab coat catches fire while in the lab. Let your demonstrator or lab partner bring you to the safety shower located in the hallway outside each room to extinguish the...
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