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Unformatted text preview: C330 BSC335 BSC310 Friday BSC312 BSC330 BSC335 BSC310 BSC312 BSC330 BSC335 B5 B10 C10 BSC312 BSC330 BSC335 BSC312 BSC330 BSC335 For more information, visit the lab website at: www.biolab1.uottawa.ca General Objectives of BIO1130 Laboratories: The laboratory component of BIO1130 aims to: Familiarize students with the scientific method as used in biology, Develop a student’s ability to effectively analyse and communicate scientific information and data obtained through observation and experimentation, Reinforce and complement the material presented in the lecture component of the course, Introduce students to the various ways of accessing scientific literature, Introduce students to the use of computer simulations in biology education. Supplies: You must bring to each lab session: Your lab coat (except for lab1: Field trip at Mer Bleue). Your lab manual Combination lock Pen and a pencil / Eraser Lined notebook paper (regular notebook) Plastic ruler The first lab is a field trip to Mer bleue – Here is what you should bring: Rain gear Clipboard, plastic bag Lab manual Lab notebook Proper footwear Camera (optional, but useful) Online resources for BIO1130 labs: Lab website: http://salinella.bio.uottawa.ca/bio1130/labs/. You’ll find many documents regarding the lab activities and assignments, as well as contact info of your TAs. Visit this site regularly, especially before having a new lab. Virtual Campus: www.maestro.uottawa.ca The BIO1130 site on Virtual campus has a lab section that you will use to record your data, and submit quiz answers. Your TAs will give you detailed instructions during the semester. Guide Biolabo: http://salinella.bio.uottawa.ca/biolabo/ This web site was created by Dr Houseman and that contains interactive resources regarding techniques used in biology laboratories. 2 Introduction Introduction session: The semester will start with an introductory session where you will meet your lab TAs. They will give you general information about the biology labs as well as instructions for the 1st lab, which is a field trip. This session will last about 90 minutes and attendance is mandatory. See the schedule on page 1 of the intro. Laboratory Sessions: Lab hours: Monday to Thursday: 2:30 PM to 5:20PM (Mer...
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