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43 lab2scientificliterature

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Unformatted text preview: d list” button. When done, you can review the articles you selected by clicking on the “Marked List” link at the top of the window, right above the Additional Resources tab. Figure 6. Top half of the Marked Records window, showing various options to display and export the marked references. From this screen you can manage and export the references that you have selected. The upper panel let you choose what information you want to include in the output. In addition to the default parameters, you may want to include the abstract of the article. To do so, check the box labelled “abstract” (as shown on figure 6). You can then either save your search as text and print it or export it to a bibliography tool, such as RefWorks (visit the RefWorks page on the lab website for more information). 43 Lab 2 ‐ Scientific Literature Accessing the Full text online Since 2006, most journals for which an electronic version is available have been transferred to an off‐campus storage building. This is not a problem sinc...
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