Exampleofkeywordsearchinbiosispreviews lets take an

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Unformatted text preview: nce familiar with the use of Web of Knowledge tools, you’ll be able to use PubMed as well. Connecting to the library network You can freely access the library network content from any computer on campus, or at home. For access from outside the campus, you must log in using your library credentials. For more info, visit the off‐ campus help page on the library website. Connecting to BIOSIS Previews To access BIOSIS previews, first click on databases A‐Z in the “Top links” section, then select BIOSIS previews from the list. Example of keyword search in BIOSIS previews Let’s take an example where we want to study the effects of climate change on the boreal forest in Northern Ontario. The first step is to perform a very general search in order to identify a large number of potential references. Then we’ll have to narrow the searches until the number of references becomes reasonable. This is an iterative process and you may have to follow several leads. A good approach consists of first defining the main topics or keywords within our subject area. In our example, we picked three possible keywords: 1. Climate 2. Forest...
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