Figure 12 detail for book 1 indicating its location

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Unformatted text preview: is) In addition to scientific article, it may be useful to know how to find a good reference book about the subject of your research. In this paragraph will see how to find a book of interest and locate it in the Morisset library. To do so, we first need to connect to the Library network catalogue. Perform a search using the library catalogue. To do so, from the library network homepage, click on “switch to classic catalogue” located under the search field. 47 Lab 2 ‐ Scientific Literature Figure 10. Library catalogue home page and search fields To perform a basic search, enter all your keywords directly in the search field as shown above. If you wish to restrict the results per year or type of medium, click on “Advanced Search”. The search from figure 10 gave us 3 references. Figure 11. Results of the book search by keywords in the Library Catalogue. Click on the title of any reference to get more information about this book, such as its location. For instance the 1st result...
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