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Figure 7 cited reference search screen in web of

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Unformatted text preview: iences, Art & Humanities and Conference proceedings). Finding articles which cite another article Web of Science (and its paper version, Science Citation Index, for articles published before 1970) allows you to find references that 45 Lab 2 ‐ Scientific Literature cite a previously published article. If you have found a good reference, for example an article reviewing a subject, you can search for any later articles, which cited the original article. To do this type of search in Web of Science, click on Cited Reference Search at the top of the screen and enter the name of the author or the Journal. For example, the search we conducted in BIOSIS preview yielded several review articles, including: Hebda, R., Atmospheric change, forests and biodiversity. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 49 (2-3), 195212 (1998). We can try and find articles published at a later date and which cite this article by entering Hebda R* (the asterisk is used as a wild card ‐ a suffix allowing to search for all first names starting with an R), as well as 1998 in the Cited Year(s) boxes in order to restrict t...
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