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Findingarticleswhichciteanotherarticle web of science

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Unformatted text preview: which have escaped your search. Web of Science (Science citation index) Web of Science is another bibliographic searching tool that uses the references indexed by the Institute of Scientific Information. Web of Science (at least the part you may access through the University of Ottawa) covers articles published in >9,000 refereed scientific journals, but only since 1970. Web of Science allows different ways of exploiting these recent references. It allows one to find recent articles that cite an earlier article or find articles that cite the same sources as a given article, a kind of reverse search, so to speak! Connection to Web of Science From the library network homepage, click on Databases A‐Z then choose Web of Science from the list. The Web of science homepage is very similar to that of BIOSIS previews and has the same interface. Before you start any search, you must select the database from which you want to find references (Science citation index expanded). Uncheck the two other databases (Social sc...
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