Handbooks and general or specialized encyclopaedias

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Unformatted text preview: c Literature by experts using the same process, and as thoroughly as any article in a refereed publication. Handbooks and general or specialized encyclopaedias are generally considered sources of reliable information, but not to the same degree as original scientific publications. These books offer a synthesis but rarely give any details on the methodology used to gather the information. They give a superficial coverage of several subjects and generally do not report on any new developments (printing an encyclopaedia is a major undertaking to say the least!). In short, if the author is not given, or if the author was not directly involved in the reported work, if the detailed methodology (or raw data) are not available, or if the text was not refereed by spets in the field, there is some risk in having absolute faith in the contents of a scientific publication. Refereed scientific publications There are several thousand scientific journals and most of them are specialized in a sub‐discipline. Notable exceptions are Nature...
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