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Unformatted text preview: he number of answers. Figure 7. Cited Reference Search screen in Web of Science 1998 Web of Science returns a list of original articles which have Hebda R* as author or co‐author: Figure 8. Results screen for a cited reference in Web of Science 46 Lab 2 ‐ Scientific Literature The third reference in the list is the article we are interested in. Click on “View record in Web of Science”, in order to see the complete reference including the abstract. Figure 9. Detailed reference as presented in Web of Science This page shows the details of the selected paper. The right panel indicates how many time this articles has been cited (19 times). Click on “view all 19 citing articles” to access them. Finding articles citing the same references The Web of Science also allows one to find articles citing similar sources that you might have missed using a keyword search. From the previous screen, click on “View related records” on the right panel. This will display articles sharing the highest number of references with the article of interest. Library catalogue (Orb...
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