Notes an efficient search takes time and sometimes a

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Unformatted text preview: iographic searching. In some cases you get lucky. Often, you don't and you have to start your search all over again using a different subset of keywords. Here are a few tips: • • • Examine the complete reference of the best references obtained during your preliminary search. Biological Abstracts and Web of Science generally classify references using keywords or key concepts. This information appears in the complete reference and can give you pointers. If you do not get enough references, try and widen your scope! For example, use "climatology" instead of "climate change" or "North America or nearctic" instead of "Canada orOntario" Conversely, if you get too many references, combine your main keywords, add more specific keywords or restrict the results by limiting the years for which you look for references. To do so, use the pull down menus located in the upper part of the General search window. Notes: An efficient search takes time and somet...
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