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Unformatted text preview: and Science, both are among the most prestigious scientific publications, which publish original articles in all scientific disciplines. The quality of journals varies a lot; some have more stringent requirements than others and have a better reputation. Therefore, several alternatives are available to the author of an article who wants to publish in a refereed scientific journal. Since an article can only be published in one journal and as ethical considerations prevent submitting an article to several journals at the same time, the author will find it advantageous to pick the right journal. How can one identify the best journals and weed out the second rate ones? The best journals have generally earned their reputation: over a rather long period, they have published and widely distributed excellent articles in a given discipline. These articles have not only been read but they have also been frequently cited in other articles published later in the same journal and elsewhere. Experienced research scientists have a good idea of the quality of scientific journals, which publish, in their own specialized fiel...
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