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Unformatted text preview: d. For the others, the Institute of Scientific Information publishes statistics such as the Impact Factor based on the frequency of references to articles in a given journal. The Impact Factor of a journal is a measure of the average number of citations that each article from a given journal has received in a given period of time. This is an objective measure but it should be used with caution as the results vary considerably from one type of article 37 Lab 2 ‐ Scientific Literature to another (review articles are more frequently cited) and the discipline concerned. Furthermore, as the number of citations can vary widely from one article to another in the same journal, the average number of citations does not take into account this variability. For these reasons, the Impact Factor is often criticized, but failing any other alternative, it remains a very useful tool. Normal procedures for publication in refereed journals The interval from submission to publication of an article in a refereed scientific journal may range from several weeks to even years. The delay differs between journals, the extent of request...
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