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Theresult741ismuchmoremanageablefigure4 figure 4

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Unformatted text preview: search page and perform a similar search with each of the two sets of keywords: 41 Lab 2 ‐ Scientific Literature (climate change), then (Canada or Ontario). You will obtain >50,000 and >130,000 references, respectively. This is still way too many references for us. To increase the specificity of our search and reduce the number of results, we need to combine our sets of keywords: Click on the Search history tab. This will show you the previous searches you performed during this session and the results of each of them. To combine the searches, selected all three searches by clicking the boxes under “Combine Sets”, choose AND as an operator and click COMBINE. The result (741) is much more manageable (Figure 4). Figure 4. Search history screen after the combination of search 1-3. To access the results, click on the number shown in the Results column (797, as of summer 2013). Among the results, the article by Huang et al. (#26, published in Feb 2013) seems interesting for our study. Figure 5. Full Record of selected article Add to marked list To learn more about...
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