These tools will allow you to search the available

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Unformatted text preview: covers the online tools at your disposal at the University of Ottawa. These tools will allow you to search the available literature and to access original scientific publications. The third part describes when and how to quote references in order to avoid being accused of plagiarism and risk academic fraud sanctions. Original scientific publications and refereed journals Definition An original scientific publication is a report or paper describing and interpreting the results of observations, experiments or statistical analyses. The publication must include a description of the scientific methodology used to obtain the results, putting the reader in a position to judge their validity. The term original not only refers to the contents of the publication but implies that the author(s) of the publication have themselves done the study, as opposed to simply reviewed the available literature, popular science books or journals that only report (and sometimes not quite accurately) the results of studies done by others. Furthermore, to be considered credible, a publicat...
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