They will probably contain some references which have

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Unformatted text preview: imes a touch of cleverness. Keep in mind the following few remarks: • Even with the best tools and a lot of ingenuity, it is unlikely you are going to find all the relevant references. Synonyms and 44 Lab 2 ‐ Scientific Literature • • • keyword choices included by indexers who may think along different lines from the way you understand the search, may prevent you from gathering all the "good" references. A good strategy for an exhaustive search consists of doing several searches based on different keywords, or covering different databases (e.g. BIOSIS previews and Web of Science or Medline). Since additional keywords may vary from one database to another, the results of the searches may also be slightly different. To make life easier, consult the online help for the proper syntax. In particular, do not hesitate to use "wildcards". These are codes used to replace prefixes and suffixes. Do not rely exclusively on new technologies! Review the references given in the best articles you have already found. They will probably contain some references...
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