This revision process is the distinguishing feature

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Unformatted text preview: ion has to be evaluated by experts in the field before being published. This revision process is the distinguishing feature of refereed journals. Daily newspapers (such as the Ottawa Citizen or Le Droit) and journals (e.g. National Geographic or Québec Science) do not publish any original scientific papers. Their articles are often written by journalists who are not experts in the discipline, typically do not include a detailed description of the experimental methodology, and their scientific contents are rarely evaluated by experts on the subject (even though the criticisms of the editorial process can be very harsh). Consequently, these sources, as stimulating as they may be, cannot be considered credible sources of scientific information. The vast majority of websites are not considered credible sources of scientific information for several reasons: the author is not identified, no experts have reviewed the information offered on the site or the experimental methodology used to obtain the information is not described. There are however credible databases and electronic publications available on the Internet, revised as they are 36 Lab 2 ‐ Scientifi...
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