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Whattocite you should cite the original source of the

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Unformatted text preview: of our search corresponds to a book that is stored in the library Annex. You will need to order this book from the Morisset Library first in order to read it. However, a large collection of books is located on the 3rd floor of the Morisset Library and can be accessed directly. Figure 12. Detail for Book #1 indicating its location 48 Lab 2 ‐ Scientific Literature Citing sources: when, which ones and how? When to cite In your reports and assignments, you should cite your sources when you are presenting precise facts, important points or interpretations that could be contested. It is not necessary to have references for all the statements found in your text. Well‐established facts and generally accepted premises require no reference. For example, in a report on the status of cod stocks in the Northern Atlantic, itis not necessary to cite a reference to support a statement such as "cod is a fish", nor for a declaration as vague as "cod is probably one of the overfished species in Canadian waters."...
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