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Unformatted text preview: s to the editor who introduces the latest modifications and sends all the articles to the printer. (1 week to 2 months) • The printer prints the issue of the journal which is mailed to subscribers. (2 weeks to 1 year). Bibliographic research tools This section describes some of the bibliographic research tools you can find at the Library page of the University of Ottawa library network (http://www.biblio.uottawa.ca/html/index.jsp?lang=en). A brief description of the various tools, of the bibliographic databases most commonly used in biology and a short user guide are presented to allow you to complete the exercise associated with this module. Databases A‐Z E‐Journals A‐Z RefWorks Figure 1. uOttawa library homepage You don’t need to be on site to start a bibliographic research: a good deal of your work can be done from home (or from any computer with an Internet connection and a web browser), using the search tools available at the library network web page. The online library catalogue (available from the biology research homepage), allows you to find out whether a book or a particular scientific journal is available through the library network. However, this catalogue is no...
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