2010goodrichtamassia numberofvertices numberofedges

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Unformatted text preview: has degree at most (n − 1) What is the bound for a directed graph? © 2010 Goodrich, Tamassia number of vertices number of edges degree of vertex v Graphs 8 Main Methods of the Graph ADT Vertices and edges Update methods are positions store elements Accessor methods endVertices(e): an array of the two endvertices of e opposite(v, e): the vertex opposite of v on e areAdjacent(v, w): true iff v and w are adjacent replace(v, x): replace element at vertex v with x replace(e, x): replace element at edge e with x © 2010 Goodrich, Tamassia Graphs insertVertex(o): insert a vertex storing element o insertEdge(v, w, o): insert an edge (v,w) storing element o removeVertex(v): remove vertex v (and its incident edges) removeEdge(e): remove edge e Iterable collection methods incidentEdges(v): edges inciden...
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