Groutenetwork undirectedgraph

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Unformatted text preview: the edges are directed e.g., route network Undirected graph all the edges are undirected e.g., flight network © 2010 Goodrich, Tamassia Graphs 3 Applications Electronic circuits Printed circuit board Integrated circuit Highway network Flight network Computer networks Local area network Internet Web Databases cslab1b Transportation networks cslab1a John Paul David Entity­relationship diagram © 2010 Goodrich, Tamassia Graphs 4 Terminology End vertices (or endpoints) of an edge X has degree 5 b h X e W g f h and i are parallel edges Self­loop V d c Parallel edges U and V are adjacent U Degree of a vertex a, d, and b are incident on V Adjacent vertices a Edges incident on a vertex U and V are the endpoints of a j Z i Y j is a self­loop © 2010 Goodrich, Tamassia Graphs...
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