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Unformatted text preview: t to v vertices(): all vertices in the graph edges(): all edges in the graph 9 Edge List Structure v element origin vertex object destination vertex object reference to position in edge sequence u c b d w z w v z Vertex sequence a element reference to position in vertex sequence Edge object u Vertex object sequence of vertex objects a b c d Edge sequence sequence of edge objects © 2010 Goodrich, Tamassia Graphs 10 Adjacency List Structure a Edge list structure Incidence sequence for each vertex sequence of references to edge objects of incident edges Augmented edge objects b u u references to associated positions in incidence sequences of end vertices © 2010 Goodrich, Tamassia v v a Graphs w w b 11 Adjacency Matrix Structure v b u w Integer key (index) associated with vertex 2D­array adjacency array a Edge list structure Augmented vertex objects 0 u 1 Reference to edge object for adjacent vertices Null for non nonadjacent vertices 0 The “old fashioned” version just has 0 for no edge and 1 for edge © 2010 Goodrich, Tamassia a Graphs 1 2 0 ∅ 2 v 1 w 2 ∅ ∅ ∅ ∅ b 12 Performance n vertices, m edges Edge List Adjacency List Adjacency Matrix n+ m n+ m n2 incidentEdges(v) m deg(v) n areAdjacent (v, w) m min(deg(v), deg(w)) 1 insertVertex(o) 1 1 n2 insertEdge(v, w, o) 1 1 1 removeVertex(v) m deg(v) n2 removeEdge(e) 1 1 1 no parallel edges no self­loops Space © 2010 Goodrich, Tamassia Graphs 13...
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