Mod 1 Non-Financial + Current Liabilities

Bank indebt edness and line of c redit 2 ac c ount s

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Unformatted text preview: line of c redit 2. Ac c ount s payable 3. Not es payable 4. Current mat urit ies of long- t erm debt 5. Dividends payable 6. Rent s and royalt ies payable 7. Cust omer advanc es 8. T axes payable 9. Payroll deduc t ions payable 10. Bonuses payable Ac t ivit y 1- 1: F inanc ial Liabilit ies and Measurement s, Rec ording, and Report ing Introduction T his ac t ivit y provides an opport unit y t o underst and, def ine, measure, and c lassif y f inanc ial liabilit ies. Instructions Read and answer eac h part of t he problems prior t o looking at t he answer provided under Solut ions on your c ourse Home Page. Part A: Reading 1. Read Chapt er 13 “Common Current Liabilit ies,” pages 836–850, f or measurement , rec ording, and report ing of f inanc ial liabilit ies. Part B: Recording F inancial Liabilities 1. Complet e E13- 2 on pages 880–881. 2. Complet e E13- 16 on page 885. 3. Complet e E13- 21 on pages 886–887. F ile: Topic 2: Non- F inancial Liabilities Mo dule 1: No n- F ina nc ia l a nd... T opic 2: Non-Financial Liabilities https://blackboar
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