Mod 1 Non-Financial + Current Liabilities

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Unformatted text preview: ebct/ur w/lc5122001.tp0/cobaltM ainFr ame.dowebct 3/6 8/27/13 Blackboar d Lear ning System Non- f inanc ial liabilit ies are usually not payable in c ash and, t heref ore, measured dif f erent ly. F ollowing are some of t he examples of non- f inanc ial liabilit ies: Unearned Rev enue is c ash rec eived f rom a c ust omer in one period f or goods or servic es t hat are t o be provided in a f ut ure period and t heref ore rec ognized as obligat ion f or an ent it y. Unearned revenue is c lassif ied as liabilit y and is measured at t he f air value of t he goods or servic es t o be delivered in t he f ut ure. An asset retirement obligation, a non- f inanc ial liabilit y, is measured at t he best est imat e of t he expendit ure required t o set t le t he present obligat ion at t he balanc e sheet dat e or t ransf er it t o a t hird part y. C ontingent liabilities are t he amount a c ompany might have t o pay dependent upon whet her a f ut ure event oc c urs or not . Ac c ording CICA Handbook, Sec t ion 3290 “Cont ingenc ies”, GAAP def ines a c ont ingenc y f or a c ompany as, “an exist ing c ondit ion or sit uat ion involving unc ert aint y as t o possible gain or loss t o an ent erprise t hat will ult imat ely be resolved when one or more f ut ure event s oc c ur or f ail t o oc c ur” (Def init ion sec t ion, para....
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