Instructions read and answer eac h part of t he exerc

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Unformatted text preview: sion expense wit h and wit hout a worksheet . Instructions Read and answer eac h part of t he exerc ise prior t o looking at t he answer provided under Solut ions on your c ourse Home Page. P art A : P ract ice Exercises 1. Complet e Exerc ise E19- 18 on page 1285. 2. Complet e Exerc ise E19- 19 on page 1285. 3. Complet e Exerc ise E19- 9 on pages 1281–1282 t o reinf orc e your underst anding of applying t he c orridor met hod. https://blackboar w/lc5122001.tp0/cobaltM ainFr ame.dowebct 6/7 10/14/13 Blackboar d Lear ning System F ile: Topic 3: IF RS and GAAP C omparison Mo dule 6: Pe ns io ns a nd Othe r ... T opic 3: IFRS and GAAP C omparison T he dif f erenc es bet ween IF RS and Ac c ount ing st andard f or Privat e Ent erprises (ASPE) are shown in Illust rat ion 19- 22 on page 1270. Under GAAP and IF RS t he (1) c urrent servic e c ost , (2) int erest on t he liabilit y, and (3) expec t ed ret urn on plan asset s are inc luded in c urrent pension expense ent irely. T he past servic e c ost s and net ac t uarial gain/loss are rec ognized t hrough a proc ess of amort izat ion. IAS 19 f or prior servic e c ost s, if t he plan benef it s are vest ed, are rec ognized immediat ely and c ost s f or employees whose benef it s are not vest ed are amort ized over t he average period unt il vest ing oc c urs. As f or disc losure, GAAP requires basic inf ormat ion while IF RS requires more ext ensive inf ormat ion. F ile: Assignment 6 Mo dule 6: Pe ns io ns a nd Othe r ... Assignment 6 Int roduc t ion Y ou are now ready t o c omplet e t he assignment . Bef ore you begin, please review t he “Guidelines f or Assignment s” t o ensure t hat you f ollow t he c orrec t proc edure f or submit t ing your assignment s. When you have c omplet ed t he assignment , send it t o your Open Learning F ac ult y Member and begin t he next module. Please c ont ac t your Open Learning F ac ult y Member if you have any quest ions regarding t he assignment . T his assignment is wort h 3 per c ent of your c ourse grade. Inst ruc t ions Complet e t he assignment quest ions list ed below. All t he assignment quest ions c an be f ound in your t ext book. Exerc ise E19- 10, page 1282 (20 marks) Exerc ise E19- 11, page 1282 (20 marks) Exerc ise E19- 12, pages 1282–1283 (30) marks Problem P19- 9, part s A, B & C only, pages 1290–1291 (30 marks) Print Sav e to F ile https://blackboar w/lc5122001.tp0/cobaltM ainFr ame.dowebct 7/7...
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