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Urbanliving affectthehousingindustryhomeentertainment

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Unformatted text preview: llar helps US exporters Trade agreements help industries that faced quotas before. Consumer sentiment as measured by the Consumer confidence index comprises about 67% of the GDP and has a great impact on the business cycle. Structural Changes Structural Changes 1. Demographics 2. Lifestyles 3. Technology 4. Politics and regulation Arise from: downsizing of corporate America, changes in labor pool, transitions from sotic markets to capitalistic markets as exemplified in eastern Europe in the 1990s. 1. Demographics 1. Demographics has a large impact on type of products demanded by consumers baby boomers and seniors ­ fasted growing age group trigger a shortage in entry level workers leading to increase in labor costs Changes in spending habits population growth and age distribution Changing ethnic mix in society Changes in income distribution. 2. Lifestyles 2. Lifestyles Dual career families suburban vs. urban living Affect the housing industry, home entertainment, catalog shopping, convenience goods 3. Tec...
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