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Organismic & Evolutionary Biology (BILD 3) – Spring quarter 2011 BILD 3 deals with the living world at the level of whole organisms, populations, communities, biomes, ecosystems and the biosphere. BILD3 serves as an introduction to the fields of evolution, behavior, and ecology. A major focus of the course will be on evolution, since an understanding of evolutionary process enables us to grasp why there are so many different kinds of living things and how these organisms interact with each other to produce complex ecosystems. This knowledge is essential for understanding biology in general, and provides the tools for our stewardship of the planet’s biota and the sustainability of ecological services. BILD3 also provides a basis for understanding human impacts on global climates, mass species extinctions, planetary‐level environmental alterations, pest outbreaks and emergent diseases. Lecture Schedule Date and day Lecture number and topic Required texbook* chapter Mar 29 (Tu) 1. Introduction & course logistics 31 (Th) 2. History of evolutionary thought 22 Apr 5 (Tu) 3. Evidence of evolution 22 7 (Th) 4. Natural selection 23 12 (Tu) 5. Natural selection 23 14 (Th) 6. Population genetics 23 19 (Tu) 7. Speciation 24 21 (Th) MIDTERM 1 26 (Tu) 8. History of life 25 28 (Th) 9. Phylogenetic trees 26 May 3 (Tu) 10. Overview of organismal diversity 27‐34 5 (Th) 11. Behavioral ecology 51 10 (Tu) 12. Physical environment & biomes 52 12 (Th) MIDTERM 2 17 (Tu) 13. Population ecology 53 19 (Th) 14. Population ecology 53 24 (Tu) 15. Community ecology 54 26 (Th) 16. Ecosystem ecology 55 31 (Tu) 17. Ecosystem ecology 55 Jun 2 (Th) 18. Conservation 56 7 (Tu) FINAL EXAM (8 ‐ 11 am) *TEXTBOOK: Campbell & Reece 2008. Biology. Pearson, San Francisco. 8 th edition. We will cover material from chapters 22‐26 & 51‐56 in depth; highlights from chapters 27‐ 34 will be covered in a single lecture. The publisher offers various supplemental materials including a CD, a web site called MasteringBiology , and a book of exercises. Students just beginning the BILD series may find these instructional tools useful, but they are not required for BILD3. Used copies of the text may be available at the Bookstore. Three copies of the text are on reserve at Geisel Library.
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2 Professor Dr. David Holway ([email protected]) Office : Muir Biology Building 2218 Office hours : Tu/Th 11‐12 or by appointment Contact: The best way to contact me is by email ([email protected]). On all emails PLEASE put BILD 3 in the subject line to indicate that your email pertains to this course. If you email me about anything regarding your status in the course, then please include your name and PID.
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