Lesson 28a - Approximating Taylor Series

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Unformatted text preview: ctor this out of the limit as: ( x) k 1 e z ( x) k 1 ( x) k 1 x lim lim e lim k ( k 1)! k ( k 1)! k ( k 1)! We should note that the limits (on the left/right) go to 0 as eventually as when we consider the series: k 1 ( x) (k 1)! k 0 We know that the ratio test tells us it is convergent (limit goes to 0). By the divergent series test, the kth term must also go to 0 when it is convergent. This means we get: e z ( x) k 1 0 lim ex 0 k ( k 1)! e z ( x) k 1 0 lim 0 k ( k 1)! Squeeze theorem tells us that the limit must then go to 0. Example 1 Continued When x < 0, we have x < z < 0 which gives ex ≤ ez ≤ 1, making our squeeze: ( x) k 1 e z ( x) k 1 ( x) k 1 e lim lim lim k ( k 1)! k ( k 1)! k ( k 1)! x Again, both limits go to zero, this makes the interior go to 0 by the squeeze theorem. This means that no matter what x is, the Rk will go to 0, and thus the series will be the exact same thing as the funct...
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