Stat_Chapter 3 Key Words

5 kg using a sample mean to estimate a population

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Unformatted text preview: or an entire finite population = ∑ Example: US Women’s Olympic Soccer Team weight in kg N = 18; = 62.5 kg Using a sample mean to Estimate a Population Mean – inferential statistics use sample mean as a estimate of entire population 6 Example: Incomes of all US Households Variable; Population; Population Data; Population Mean; Sample = 57,000 households; Sample data; incomes of 57,000 households; Sample mean = mean income or ̅ Parameter and Statistic – Parameter = descriptive measure for a population i.e. “mew” or and “sigma”or are parameters; Statistic = descriptive measure for a sample whereas mean or ̅ and s or standard deviation are statistics Population Standard Deviation of a Variable - sigma to denote the population standard deviation = ∑ = ∑ − Or alternate computing formula − Standardized Variable – for any variable x , we can form a new variable z = − Standardized version of x variable always has mean 0 and standard deviation 1. Values o...
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