C a evolution of the internet richness vs reach yet

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Unformatted text preview: t richness vs. reach (yet) able to fully replicate the faceto-face interaction and the high degree of personalization that a travel agent can offer 14 M Benyoucef | ADM2372 | uOttawa.ca Travel agent Technology is not Evolution of the Internet ISP vs. ASP Internet service provider (ISP) - provides individuals and other companies access to the Internet Application service provider (ASP) - offers access over the Internet to applications (e.g., CRM applications by www.Salesforce.com) and related services that would otherwise have to be located in organizational computers 15 M Benyoucef | ADM2372 | uOttawa.ca Evolution of the Internet intranet Corporate network that uses Internet technology & provides Internet capabilities Browser, search engines, communication tools, etc. For internal sharing of info (organization policies, announcements, etc.) Secured behind a firewall May be within a single 16 location (e.g., headquarters) or may connect multiple M Benyoucef | ADM2372 | locations uOttawa.ca Firewall: hardware/software that filters information (e.g., stops adult material) and keeps outsiders from accessing your network Evolution of the Internet extranet When you extend your company's intranet to your suppliers, customers, and partners, it becomes an Extranet 17 M Benyoucef | ADM2372 | uOttawa.ca Evolution of the Internet Web 2.0 - covered in adm1370 Quick discussion What is web 2.0? Difference between web 2.0 and traditional web? What are the most important applications of web 2.0? What role does/can web 2.0 play in business? What is Web 3.0? Content expressed not only in natural language, but 18 also in a format that can be used by software applications M Benyoucef | ADM2372 | uOttawa.ca E-Business introduction Jeff Bezos quit Wall 19 Street to found Amazon, the biggest bookstore on the planet : “I tried to imagine being eighty years old, looking back on my life. I knew that I would hardly regret having missed the 1994 M Benyoucef | ADM2372 | Wall Street bonus. uOttawa.ca Jeff Bezos - Person of the Year | Dec. 27, 1999 E-Bus...
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